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Man Yeung

Kids Yoga Teacher/Yoga Teacher RYT200 RCYT

To be a Yoga instructor is a challenge, to be a Kids Yoga instructor is even more like carrying a mission! Educating young people is similar to seeding – we cannot force the seed to grow and flourish. Yet, through situational simulation, fun Asanas, positive atmosphere and breathing exercises, we can give children a positive influence and inspire them with a humanized character. Kids Yoga is to enhance children’s development with these positive learnings!   

Yeung started engaging in kids’ education in 2005. She felt that she was inadequate for the job. She then enrolled in the Diploma in Child Psychology in 2017. One year later, she believed that kids’ education is not only about the level of knowledge, but also about the cultivation of character development. Through Yoga teaching, it is expected that children are able to learn positive thinking and humanized character.

Throughout our life journey, we need to experience it before we understand the truth!

If you can teach students about the truth in a few simple ways, it will be easier for them to tackle problems when they come!

RYT200 Hours Hatha & Wellness Yoga Teacher Training, 2018
RCYT95 Hours Kids & Wellness Yoga Teacher Training, 2018
30 Hours Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, 2018
Diploma in Child Psychology, 2017

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