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Ching Ming

Yoga Teacher

Majoring in mental health nursing at university, I have always had a great interest in physical and mental health, sports as well as nutrition. Whilst in university, I enrolled in a yoga class, and that remarkable experience made me fell in love with this sports! I used to think that “yoga” was only about practising difficult asanas, but when I was under great pressure in my studies and life, I was grateful for the strength that yoga brought to me. Yoga gave me unprecedented inner peace and self-satisfaction. I gradually began to be fascinated by yoga.Thus, I decided to enroll in the RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training Course, in order to further understand the philosophies of yoga.

I hope you will fully engage in and enjoy our yoga classes, and be able to feel the connection between body, mind and soul. 

It is destiny to meet in the boundless huge crowd. I look forward to our encounter!


RYT200 Yoga Teacher Training
Myosfascial Trigger Point Therapy Training
(Honours) Mental Health Nursing Degree

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