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Sabrina Li

Bungee Fitness/Aerial Hoop Teacher /Aerial Yoga Trainer/Yoga Trainer

It is my honor to teach what I have learnt to those who are interested in Yoga. Yoga is not only about practicing different postures, but it also involves self-discovery and self-development, constant challenges, exploring human values and how to be a better person. I am glad that I have chosen this path which I could pass on the knowledge, including yoga postures and values, to my students.

At the beginning, I chose Yoga as it complemented the strength and flexibility I needed for my pole dance class. After practicing Yoga for a while, I could feel there was a change in my body that I started building up muscles, and I had the strength to finish tasks which I never dared to try in the past.

Yoga is not as easy as I thought. I always believe the more that I try, the stronger I will become. And thus, I decided to apply for RYT-200 as a challenge to myself.

At first I was like all the others trying to seek for “like” from the social media once I could complete a posture successfully. However, apart from the sense of achievement, we should learn to be thankful for those who has assisted you and keep trying to do better.

2018  Aerial Hoop Professional Teacher Training
2018  4D PRO Instructor (Bungee Fitness)
2017   RYT200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training
2017   30 Hrs Aerial Teacher Training

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