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This 8-hour workshop is tailored for yoga therapists/instructors, athletes, dancers, massage therapists, bodyworkers, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, and other fitness and health professionals who desire some in-depth instructions regarding Trigger Point Therapy protocol, locating and treating myofascial trigger points which are common to the athletic body.
Whatever your fitness routine may be, it is important to keep your muscles healthy and free from trigger points.
Trigger points do not only cause pain or other symptoms, they will also cause shortening of the involved muscle. This shortening cannot be stretched-out, and over-stretching can and often does, exacerbate existing problems/symptoms.
This 8-hour Fitness workshop offers attendees valuable information about the effects of trigger points and of course plenty of hands-on practice.
It also addresses specific pain and/or performance issues that athletes typically encounter. You will learn how to effectively treat the mitigate pain, and discover techniques that may improve muscle performance. We will also explain the differences between treatment for symptomatic relief, and comprehensive (remedial) TP Therapy protocols.

Course Schedule
11/06/2018 10:00-18:00

Course Fee

Early Bird Discount
3 months prior to commencement of the course – 20% discount on course fee.  Deadline 11/3/2018
4 months prior to commencement of the course – 30% discount on course fee. Deadline 11/2/2018

Course Content
•       detailed palpation techniques of muscles for trigger points,
•       treatment techniques
•       post-treatment protocol
•       latent vs. active TrPs
•       contraindications
•       explain how TrPs play a major role in the athletic body, covering symptoms that include;
•       shoulder, thoracic area, elbow, abs, groin, hips/buttocks, hamstrings, knees, legs and feet.
•       As well, attendees will discover and be shown the trigger point locations that may produce symptoms of shinsplints, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, piriformis syndrome, and more!
•       discuss the muscles that play a causal role in these issues – and how to deactivate their trigger points.

We will be locating and treating TrPs in the
•       SITS,
•       pec major/minor,
•       quadratus lumborum,
•       piriformis,
•       gluteus min/med/max,
•       hamstrings,
•       quadriceps femoris,
•       hip adductors,
•       iliopsoas (primary hip flexors),
•       gastrocs and other relative muscles.



Other topics included in this workshop –
•       demonstrate how exercise and/or stretching affects trigger points in these muscles. 
•       protocol for rehabilitating the TrP affected muscle.
•       protocol for minimizing muscle injury
•       how TrPs always affect muscle strength and performance and why muscle performance always improves when trigger points are removed.
•       the effects of heat/ice on TrPs.
•       how stress, medications, over-use, trauma and skeletal abnormalities affect TrPs.

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