RYT200 Hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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In this RYT200 Yin Yoga and Meditation yoga teacher training, we aimed to provide alternative study pathway for the people who want to become a yoga teacher. Yin yoga is a kind of practice which can help us to calm down, be patient and prepare our body and mind for meditation and advance asana. Moreover, it can help to improve our health, like practicing the sequence for each meridian line. In addition, it can help our Joints, Connective Tissues, Muscles, Myofascial, Trigger Point into a healthy situation.

After taking this course, students will have sufficient knowledge and experiences to register with the Yoga Alliance so as to become a RYT200 yoga teacher. Course syllabus covers Yin Yoga asana, meditation, mantra, pranayama, anatomy, physiology, Ayurveda TCM, Western medical concepts, Meridian lines, Myofascial, Trigger point, Body Structural Analysis, Patanjali Sutra, Buddhism, Practice and Ethics of Yoga Teacher, etc. The course mainly teaches how to open up body, relax the muscles and lengthen connective tissues to go for advanced postures, helping the muscles, joints and connective tissues disorders

Course Schedule (Night Time)
You can join at any time until finish 200hours (Have to finish within half a year)
(Except public holiday)

Schedule details
Monday to Friday 19:00-22:00
Saturday 10:00-15:00

Course Fees
HK $26000

This course is eligible for 200 hours credits of Yoga Alliance course (RYT200)

Course Content

Part A Yin Yoga, Joint & Meditation
1 What is Yin Yoga?
2 What is Connective Tissue?
3 Physiology
4 Energetic Benefits
5 Mantra
6 Shamatha Mediation
7 Yin Asanas Practice
8 Presentation
9 Teaching Methodology
10 Adjustment
11 Yoga Philosophy

Part B Yin Yoga & Meridian Lines & Muscles
1 Meridian Theory
2 Introduction of Basic Traditional Chinese Medicine
3 Introduction of Muscles
4 Function of Muscles
5 Koshas
6 Pranayama
7 Physiology
8 Yin Asana Practice

Part C Yin Yoga, Myofascial, Body Structural Analysis 
1 Introduction of Myofascial
2 Myofibroblasts
3 Myofascial Line
4 Myofascial Training
5 Body Structural Analysis
6 Introduction of The Trigger Point
7 Trigger Point Release
8 Yin Asanas Practice
9 Yoga Nidra
10 Introduction of Patanjali Sutra

Part D Yin Yoga, Sport Injury and Rehabilitation
1 Sport Injury
2 Avoiding Injury
3 Sport Injury Symptoms
4 Rehabilitation & Restorative Asana Practice
5 Mobilizations, Stretches & Exercises for Rehabilitation
6 Yin Asanas Practice
7 Advanced Hatha Asana Practice
8 Bhagwad Gita
9 Exam, Presentation and Assignment required for the RYT200 certificate

Course Credit Details

For RYT200 certified teachers, the credits of the course can be applied towards Yoga Alliance for your RYT 500 certification, and is eligible for 50/200 hours Continuing Education Units (“CEU”) with Yoga Alliance. Please note that CEU are required to maintain your status as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Upon completion of this course, exam, presentation, assignment and full payment, students will receive a Certificate of Completion evidencing their participation and attendance. In order to become a RYT500 certified yoga teacher, students must also have completed a 200 hours Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training.

Booking & Payment

For course booking and payment options please contact us via WhatsApp or email us.

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